Sunday, 5 January 2014

And here we go...

I have decided to start this blog now at the beginning of 2014 to help give me a bit of focus and drive for the year, yep this is a New Year’s Resolution post…

2013 was a strange one I got engaged in the January and from that point everything whipped past in a blur leaving me feel as though I’d had no control over everything that had happened and merely been a passenger.

Looking back it makes me a little sad to feel that way but as with so many years gone by I have made resolutions for 2014 and to feel more like a participant in my own life rather than a spectator is something I will hold the highest in importance.

My resolutions to help me do this:

  •          Lose pounds (lbs) ready for the wedding
  •          Gain pounds (££s) ready for the wedding…
  •          Cook more (something I hope will help with both the above!)
  •          Be more organised in my home / personal life
  •          See my friends more!
  •          Start to learn Welsh
  •          Blog! About anything and everything I enjoy and learn from along the way!

That’s quite an ambitious (and long) list! But a lot of these things go hand in hand and all contribute to leading my life with more fulfilment, atleast that’s the plan…

I already have started going to my local leisure centre gym and I do enjoy it once I get into a routine so once I am fully out of Christmas mode I am going to push myself into it. I often find that the healthy eating comes along with it and therefore I should be able to lose some much needed weight!

I already cook 100% more than I used to so this should just be a progression. (I think in my head I was Carrie Bradshaw either eating out or forgoing the food for a liquid diet)
Currently as I type I have a Ham in Coke a la Nigella my slow cooker! Get me! To clarify I do mean CocaCola…

I am a very organised person in my professional life, infact I am one of those annoying people that my boss avoids as I will reorganise and, in my mind, politely prompt things months before the due date. However when it comes to my personal life I kind of drift along without adhering to plans that I never made and remembering that my Car Tax is due at the last minute just after I bought a new handbag and matching boots!

More of an add on to the last point I am lucky to have lots of wonderful friends dotted about Wales and England and I really want to make the effort to see them more often. I am already eagerly awaiting the return of one of my besties from travelling in March and a couples weekend (so Bridget Jones) in April.

As I am not Welsh but have been living here for about 7 years…wow now I feel old…I would really like to learn Welsh. Not to get any further along with the Natives, I think I can count the amount of Welsh people I have met who fluently speak Welsh on one hand, but because I think it will help me with my career, any future children I will have will be expected to learn in school and because my fiancĂ© is learning.

I think it would also be great to turn round and speak to someone in Welsh right when they’re chastising me for being English!

So that is that! This blog is going to be a lifestyle blog in its truest form, a blog about my lifestyle and the way in which my year will evolve. However, I am a bit of a beauty obsessive and as such I am sure I will be very heavy in my beauty musings. In my next few posts I will write a bit more about me and what I love and how I am getting along with my resolutions…

Speak soon x

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